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Known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic, the Madeira Islands meet all the necessary conditions for an adrenaline rush while surfing its excellent waves!

The amazing waves of Madeira have led many to consider it the Hawaii of the Atlantic. Here you will find all the conditions necessary for surfing and we recommend that you be careful, especially if you're a beginner.

The Madeira Islands are fortunate to get swells from the North Atlantic and all kinds of waves, from point breaks to reef breaks. These excellent waves are also generated by the rugged and steep coast and the rocks on the seabed, causing great water outflows.
The coasts of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Porto da Cruz and São Vicente offer challenging waves that call for a day of surfing. In some of these locations there are schools that will ease first timers into this sport.

Check out the best places places at Madeira Island to go surfing:

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