• Boat rental

    Boat rental

    In the Archipelago of Madeira you can rent a boat and enjoy a maritime experience, personalized to your tastes.
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  • BodyBoard


    Madeira island offers excellent locations along its coastline that offer great conditions for the practice of this sport activity, combined with the excellent weather, atmospheric and oceanographic conditions (an extensive coastline and frequent ripples), characteristic of the island.
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  • Coasteering


    Coasteering combines rappel, climbing and jumping into the sea, in a single activity that allows you to find the cliffs overlooking the bays, the caves and the hidden nooks with translucent water that exist in the island.
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  • Diving


    Madeira is one of the best locations in Europe for diving. Here you will find some schools and businesses that will help you have an unforgettable underwater experience.
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  • Cetacean observation

    Cetacean observation

    Come to Madeira for a close encounter with some of the 28 species of cetaceans that inhabit or visit these waters. Who knows? You might have the chance to swim with dolphins!
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  • Boat rides

    Boat rides

    Take a boat trip in the Madeira Archipelago and enjoy the beautiful landscape of these islands. On this trip you can watch various marine species and spend a relaxing day at the beach.
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  • Sport fishing ( Big Game Fishing)

    Sport fishing ( Big Game Fishing)

    Come beat your personal record of sport fishing in the beautiful waters of the Atlantic, where in addition to migratory routes, you will find several tuna species.
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  • Stand Up Paddle

    Stand Up Paddle

    Come to Madeira and experience the sensation of "walking on water", practicing Stand Up Paddle along the coast of the islands.
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  • Surfing


    Known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic, the Madeira Islands meet all the necessary conditions for an adrenaline rush while surfing its excellent waves!

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