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Take a Bird Watching tour in Madeira and admire sublime sea and land birds.
If you like to admire all kinds of birds, not only for their physical beauty but for their skills and gadgets, come to Madeira for a Bird Watching tour!
In the Madeira Archipelago there are several areas classified as Biogenetic Reserve and World Natural Heritage, which generate countless possibilities for the observation of terrestrial or sea birds, some of them rare in the world. The variety and specificity of its ecosystem, makes some places excellent points of observation for breeding and migratory birds, such as:
The Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs madeirensis),
Bis bis (Regulus ignicapillus madeirensis),
The Papinho (Erithacus rubecula rubecula),
The Lavandeira (Motacilla cinerea schmitzi),
The Madeira Nun (Pterodroma Madeira).
Wherever you go, you will be well accompanied by birds as beautiful as they are rare. Madeira has companies specialized in this area that organize tours on land or at sea, according to the preferences of visitors.
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