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Up in the mountains, it looks like we're home. It is a pleasant place where you can eat pan and oven food.

It's one of the best restaurants in Porto Santo and it's a long way from the centre, already on its way up the hill. The owners are two sisters, whose family has a curious history. The maternal grandmother came to the island to open the school in Camacha, she was supposed to stay for a short time, but ended up settling on the island. As she cooked well, she passed the baton and her daughters ended up setting up this restaurant, now well known on the island. It has a car to pick up customers from hotels and take them back, very practical on the island. There is a room, at the entrance, with a counter to have a drink and talk for a while. Outside, there is a huge esplanade covered with large umbrellas, with many plants, and, in the background, separated from the main building, the kitchen, where the food is cooked over the fire. They use regional products, such as the excellent potatoes from Porto Santo. The bolo do caco, originally from this island, is always there at the table. There are several starters, various salads and some traditional family recipes, such as the escarpiada or Yascarpiada, which is a type of bread made with corn flour, olive oil and water, but without yeast. It is prepared on a fire, on basaltic stone, and is still made like this today. In fact, bolo do caco used to be made on this type of stone. Escarpiada is now the most famous bread in this restaurant, which has mackerel, sautéed carrots and roasted pepper on top. Another family recipe is Clarinha's octopus. Clarinha is the mother of the owners and this is her recipe, with several ingredients that she keeps secret from the family. It's delicious and there was a captain of a cruise ship, who often came to Madeira and found a way to get the octopus to delight himself before the journey. Chef Ljubomir Stanisitch, who tries to decipher the ingredients of this octopus, without success, comes here whenever he can. Another famous dish from this Torres is the chicken grilled over the fire. The desserts, all homemade, have a dedicated clientele. The wine list would not be complete without Madeiran wines.


Estrada Domingos d'Ornelas, 68 9400-010 Porto Santo
+351 291 984 373
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