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  • PS PR3 Levada do Pico do Castelo (Camacha - Ribeiro Formoso – Capela da Graça)
  • PS PR3 Levada do Pico do Castelo (Camacha - Ribeiro Formoso – Capela da Graça)
  • PS PR3 Levada do Pico do Castelo (Camacha - Ribeiro Formoso – Capela da Graça)
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The route begins at the Regional Road 120 and continues towards the foothill of Pico do Castelo, circumventing its south slope, surrounded by the Levada do Pico do Castelo until Ribeiro Formoso. 

It also allows to access the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Graça [Chapel of Our Lady of the Graces], from the early thirties of the 20th century.
The opening and building of Levada do Pico do Castelo started on the first half of the 20th century, aiming to collect the rain water and use them in the agriculture.
The Levada do Pico do Castelo worked, for many years, as a communication channel for the Camacha inhabitants who wanted to travel to the Serra de Fora area and the other way around. By climbing the so-called Rocha de Nossa Senhora, through a little sidewalk, the walker may find some heathers (Erica platycodon, subsp. maderincola) and poplars (Populus alba). It is also possible to find small clumps of creeping plants, locally called “Iscas” (Phagnalon hansenii).
Behind the top of the bounder, commonly called “Portelinha”, the path descends towards Serra de Fora and the existing tunnel. By crossing the tunnel, of approximately 530 meters, we arrive to Ribeiro Formoso.


Detail Distance: 4,1 Km ( to and return) Degree of dificulty: Moderate Duration: 1:30 hours Start/End: Camacha / Capela da Graça Max. Altitude/Min. Altitude: 210 m / 80 m


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