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A reference hotel in Porto Santo, with a great restaurant, where some Madeira wines are also served.

It's one of the reference hotels on the island of Porto Santo, located almost on one end of the island. In addition to the hotel, there's an aparthotel that benefits from the same services as the hotel. In addition to the swimming pools, the hotel has a beach support that is much sought after and praised. The beach is very close and is the main reason for the visit of the overwhelming majority of tourists.

The hotel has many leisure areas, some of them thinking of the younger and even the youngest children. The restaurant is very well equipped, with well laid tables and impeccable service, with attentive and very friendly professionals. As well as the high-quality food, in charge of a fantastic kitchen team led by chef Manuel Santos. Both the breakfasts and the buffets of each meal are highly praised, for the variety and quality of products, their confection and presentation.

It is at this hotel that the Rota do Atum (Tuna Route) festival takes place every year, where the chef invites and receives several reference chefs from Madeira, from mainland Portugal and from various places in the world, to work together, cook and promote the excellence of Porto Santo's tuna.

Vila Baleira

Sítio do Cabeço da Ponta 9400-909 Porto Santo
+351 291 980 800
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