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A space full of history, where stories from other times are told, on the beach. Fantastic appetisers.

The owner, Miguel, tells us that the name of the restaurant is a tribute to his father, Henrique. He was a lifeguard and in his spare time he caught shrimp and some fish. As the tourists already gave him gratification or varied gifts, he offered them shrimp, which he cooked in a small corner where he used to keep various utensils or cooked them some fish he had caught. And he cooled the beers in cans that he filled with sea water and sand. The thing grew, encouraged by friends and tourists, who recognized him as a good cook, and so the Taberna do Camarão was born. His son helped his father, already tired, and ended up taking over the business with his brother's help. In homage to their father, they gave his name to the space and Henrique's Bar was born. Which is right on top of the beach, in a paradisiacal place, with a small esplanade right in front of the sea. Inside, there is a cosy and comfortable room, with a large counter. It's all made out of wood, on a higher level than the beach. There, above all, you can snack, snack a lot, snacking on great things. A glass of beer and some well-seasoned lupins are mandatory from the outset, while you choose the rest. Which may very well be a tomato soup with egg. But the grilled limpets and sautéed prawns are out of this world. There are various salads, octopus and squid, which can even be turned into sandwiches in bolo do caco. The fish of the day is grilled on the spot and very well served. A steak in bolo do caco is almost a full meal. The wine list is well stocked and there is also a supply of Madeira wine. Then you just have to enjoy the incredible landscape...

Bar do Henrique

Bar do Henrique
Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10am - 12am

Praia do Ribeiro Cochino – Campo de Baixo - 9400-000 Porto Santo
+351 291 984 881
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