The apostle Saint Peter Legend

Saint Peter started to be venerated in Porto Santo by its inhabitants, especially by sea men, from the sixteenth century on. His image, the first to appear on the Island and that still today remains in the cult of the faithful, is involved in a legend.

The legend surrounding the image, which is in the chapel, even today is told by elderly people, passing from generation to generation.

The Legend says that a long time ago, there was a shepherd with his flock nearby Ribeiro da Quebrada, above the São Pedro Chapel. He went to drink water at a spring that was there and found the image of Saint Peter. He went immediately to break the news to the authorities and the image was carried in procession to the Parish Church.

However, the image as if by miracle, came to appear in the same Ribeiro. The decision was taken to make the Chapel on site below the appearance, where the image still remains today. The Chapel wasn’t built in the exact place of the appearance, due to the rains and the erosion that occurred there. Tradition also says that sometimes the image appeared with its back to the door, and on other occasions, with its back to the altar.
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