Legend of the Prophets

In the 16th century, lived on the island, a rude farmer and shepherd, who had once been a sailor, nicknamed "Bravo", for being fearless. He was a lonely man, with few relations with the rest of the inhabitants. Availing himself of the mystery that surrounded his life, he made himself out to be a prophet inspired by the Holy Spirit, who guided his steps and dictated his words.

One night he went down to the village, bringing a bell and stirred up the people who ran from all sides to see what was happening. The Holy Spirit occupied the soul of the prophet "Fernão Nunes" and told him to publicly unveil the faults and everyone secret guilt’s. The people were getting carried away by the shepherd and great barbarities happened.

Until one day, three island inhabitants who did not believe in the words of that prophet, went to Machico and ask to local authorities for help. The shepherd was arrested along with his niece Filipa, who was also involved, and they were sent to the King's court. They were sentenced to be at the door of the Évora Cathedral during mass on Tuesday, holding lit candles and big signs that read: "Porto Santo Prophets”.

To this day, the local inhabitants of Porto Santo are nicknamed "Prophet” due to this peculiar situation.

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