7 Wonders of Portugal -“Dune Beaches”


The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are recognized nationally and internationally as a very special place to spend a memorable vacation. Its tourist potential and qualities are reinforced by renowned awards attributed to Madeira over the years.

The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo received two awards from the organization of the 7 Wonders of Portugal: “Forests and Woodlands” in 2010 and “Dune Beaches” in 2012, respectively.

The Golden Island was considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal - Beaches in the category “Dune Beaches”, thus confirming the recognition of the therapeutic qualities of the beach of Porto Santo, and the very beauty of this island.


Porto Santo Beach considered one of the 15 best beaches in Europe!


Born from the same initiative in which Madeira Islands competed in the category for European Best Destination, the organization chose the 15 best beaches in Europe, including the 9 km of golden sand of Porto Santo.
On Porto Santo beach, the pleasure of sea bathing combined with tranquillity and the quality of the sand make the island an exceptional holiday destination. Health and well-being go hand in hand, since in addition to the transparency of the waters, and its golden sand with indisputable therapeutic properties.
The beach of Porto Santo Island was voted the best “dunes beach” in the competition for the “7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal”, an award that honours its quality and beauty. This beach also holds the Blue Flag since 1992 and every year sees the "Golden Quality” award reinstated, given by the environmental association, Quercus.
All these attributes placed this beach among the 15 best in Europe. 
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Porto Santo elected as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


Porto Santo Island is part of UNESCO's World Biosphere Reserve Network, totalling 27 310 hectares of protected areas as well as Natura 2000 Network areas, in Porto Santo.
With more than 2110 species, some exclusive to the island, ecosystems, natural and built landscapes, considered to be unique, the application by the golden island fits within the guidelines of the “Man and the Biosphere (MaB) Programme”, in an initiative carried out by the City Council of Porto Santo, Regional Directorate for the Public Administration of Porto Santo, Forestry and Nature Conservation Institute, Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region and the Porto Santo Folklore Group Association, along with the participation of the community throughout the different stages of development of the process.
With this registration, the number of Portuguese Biosphere Reserves in the UNESCO World Network rises to 12, consisting of more than 700 reserves.
Biosphere Reserves are defined by UNESCO as “living laboratories, where the main functions are the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems and species, as well as the sustainable development at social, economic, cultural and ecological levels, acting as platforms for research, monitoring , education and awareness ”.


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