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Taxis are available at Porto Santo airport and at the main hotels, and there are taxi ranks in a number of streets and squares in Vila Baleira.

The normal drop rate is EUR 3.00 and night rates are EUR 3,60 (between 9pm and 6 am), during working days.
On weekends and public holidays, daytime rates are EUR 4,00 and night rates are EUR 4,80.
An amount of no more than 50% is charged for any luggage over 30 kg, to be agreed on in advance.
In other municipalities, taxis are marked with the letter A and have no meters. The price per kilometre is EUR 0.63, and there is a minimum charge.

The association AITRAM provides various tourist taxi services in Porto Santo island. This service is available by using a voucher designated as "Taxi Voucher" which can be purchased online at the entity oficial website, or in alternatively, there is a ticket, which can be bought directly to any taxi driver, whose vehicle is duly identified with the corresponding logo.  

For further information: http://www.aitram.pt


 Porto Santo
Praça de Táxis de Vila Baleira                                           
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