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Quinta das Palmeiras is a mini-zoo and mini-botanical garden, it offers visitors the opportunity to see several bird species and a variety of lush plants in a covered area of 5,380 m2.

This garden offers a surprising patch of green, as it is located near a dry area west of Porto Santo airport.
This beautiful space was born from a project by Carlos Alfonso, who for some time was dedicated to the cultivation of a variety of plants, with particular emphasis on species such as palm trees, eucalyptus and "​heartwood" ( Metrosideros excelsa). 
This oasis offers a haven of shade with an emphasis on flowers such as roses, torch lilies, hibiscus and Angel’s trumpets, among others, adding a unique set of colors to this garden.
Here you can find a small lake with swans and ducks, as well as some birds such as pigeons, parrots, macaws, among others.


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Quinta das Palmeiras

Quinta das Palmeiras
Opening hours:
Daily: 10am - 1pm - 3pm - 5pm (Winter) || 10am - 5pm (Summer)

Price: Paid
Sitío dos Linhares
+351 291 983 625
GPS: 33.058075 / -16.362629
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