"Casa de Salão"

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One of the main expressions of traditional popular architecture in Porto Santo are the "Casas de Salão" . Nowdays one can still encounter a few of these rare, centuries-old constructions there today.

They are humble looking houses with roofs covered with "salão", one of the available natural resources, which was particularly suited to the island’s weather conditions, constructions which provided support to agriculture, carachterized for its "two waters" ceilings.

"Salão" is a peculiar kind of clay (mortar), of highly adhesive sandy composition, that enables buildings to fit perfectly into Porto Santo’s rural landscape.
These houses are very cool in summer, because cracks appear in the salão when it is dry, causing the air to circulate. In winter, this mixture absorbs the rain and becomes spongy and impermeable.


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"Casa de Salão"

Porto Santo
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