Like elsewhere in Europe, some buildings in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) are wheelchair accessible.

Buildings with disabled access in the RAM
Under current legislation newer buildings must have access and equipment for the disabled. In particular, buildings such as shopping centres, public buildings, airports and newer hotels have good access - lifts and ramps - for people with reduced mobility.
However, disabled access is not common in older buildings.
Buses and cable cars are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

App - Portugal Accessible Mobile
The Portugal Accessible Mobile is a new technological application created in order to better assist people with reduced mobility. This platform is compatible with some operative systems, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
This application is available in multilingual format ( portuguese, english and german) and the informatiosn regarding the islands atractions (places to stay/culture and leisure/restaurants, etc.) have the advantage of having been previously visited and inspected by a member of the Associação Salvador, thereby ensuring a greater credibility for the contents displayed on this platform.
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