• Tuna Festival

    June, 3rd to 9th
    This event aims to present the countless ways to cook tuna in the several countries invited, an initiative which shall culminate in a gala dinner in which the Madeiran table wines and Wines will be displayed
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  • Feast of St John

    June, 20th to 24th
    The Feast of St. John are one of the largest tourist events on Porto Santo island, an event integrated in the celebrations of the municipality of Porto Santo, to be held from June 20th to 24th.
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  • Our Lady of Grace festivity

    From August, 14th and 16th

    The "Arraial da Senhora da Graça" is one of the biggest festivities at Porto Santo.

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  • Journey Throught Madeira Needelpoint Canvas

    Journey Throught Madeira Needelpoint Canvas

    Madeira needlepoint canvas is, today, an art in extinction. We, Bordal – Madeira Embroidery, decided to present to the public the art pieces we keep and preserve, as well as the history of this art. Above all, we seek to make this cultural heritage known, especially to Madeiran people, because it is part of our history, so that this knowledge does not disappear. Read more

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